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Konecranes Oyj, formerly known as KCI Konecranes, is a Finnish crane manufacturing company. With headquarters based in Hyvinkaa, Konecranes' machines are used primarily in factories and ports.

Konecranes is listed on the OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange under the symbol KCR1V. It is currently made up of three divisions: heavy lifting, standard lifting, and a services division, which looks after crane maintenance.

Kone, which is Finnish for machine, produces one-tenth of the world’s cranes.


[edit] History

Konecrane credits its early beginnings to Kone Corp., a motor repair company founded in 1910. It wasn’t until 1933, however, that Kone Corp. began producing electric overhead travelling cranes. The cranes it produced were primarily for clients in the paper, pulp, and power industries. Their range continued to grow throughout the years and by 1936, they were producing electric wire rope hoists for manufacturing. Like most companies, the war was a make or break situation, but for Kone, it further solidified their existence in the crane manufacturing world.[1]

By 1962, not only was Kone producing and manufacturing cranes, but it also placed an emphasis on contractual maintenance servicing for one of its clients. It also made a series of acquisitions in order to expand the business. In 1973, it took on its first acquisition, the Wisbech Refsum in Norway, followed by another in France in Vernouillet. It also expanded itself in other ways by crossing over onto American ground. It broke intercontinental boundaries by establishing an R&M Materials Handling division in the U.S.[2]

By 1988, Kone had many different companies and establishments associated with its name. The crane division of Kone was organized as Kone Cranes Division of Kone Corp. It continued to expand by launching offices in the U.K. and acquiring Lloyds British Testing in the UK and Australia.

Due to the large number of expansions and changes that were occurring in the company, Kone decided to embark on a major restructuring program in 1994. One of the most significant changes occurred to the crane division when crane production facilities, previously amounting to 19, were cut to four. In April of that year, KCI Konecranes was formed. Around the same time, Kone Corp. sold most of its divisions, including the crane division. It kept only the elevator business.

KCI Konecranes emerged on its own and by 1996 it was listed on the Helsinki Stock exchanged. The company's expansions continued over the next few years, as it acquired German company MAN SWF Krantechnik in 1997. Branching out paid off for Konecrane—it was the first foreign crane company to be granted import/export licenses and permits for its products. Kone also embarked on a joint project with Meidensha Corp. in China.[3]

Meanwhile, the company's product line and services continued to grow. By 2004, reach stackers and lift trucks were added to its range of products after the acquisition of SMV Lifttrucks AB, a Sweden-based company in Markaryd. Konecranes also purchased R. STHAL AG’s materials handling division a year later. The acquisition of some of Germany’s strongest brands combined with industries known for utilizing the latest technologies played a huge part in its expansion, longevity, and reputation.

[edit] The Company Today

The company has made a number of acquisitions since, inlcuding MMH Holdings Inc. in 2006. This purchase prompted Konecranes the opportunity to grow in its maintenance and services departments. The company continues to produce and manufacture cranes worldwide.

Konecranes has recently unleashed a new addition to its family of cranes: the ship-to-shore (STS) crane, with a lifting capacity of 50 metric tons and an outreach of 125 feet (38 m). The crane was designed for loading and unloading containers form Panamax class ships. [4]

Just recently, on August 19, 2008, Konecranes acquired a Danish port crane service company known as Aarhus Maskinfabrik A/S.

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