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Landini is a brand of tractors manufactured as a part of the Tractor Division under Gruppo Industrial ARGO of Italy. The division is managed by financial holding company ARGO Tractors SpA. Landini specializes in a variety of tractors for different purposes, including open field, orchard, crawler, and telescopic models.[1]


[edit] History

[edit] Early Years

The Landini name was established in the agricultural industry in the 19th century when, in 1884, Giovanni Landini opened a factory in Fabbrico for wine-making and agricultural machines.

By 1910, Landini had built its first hot bulb engine. Fifteen years later, a prototype of the company’s first hot bulb tractor, known as Model 25/30, was created.[2]

[edit] Further Product Line Development

Landini’s product line began to expand, and in 1934, the idea for the Super Landini model was conceived. This tractor would be used for extensive land reclamation works in Italy.

In 1955 Landini introduced the L 55, which at the time was its most powerful tractor to be equipped with a hot bulb engine.[3]

[edit] Collaborations, Takeovers, and Growth through the Decades

In 1957 Landini signed an agreement with Perkins Engines Peterborough, leading to the production of British diesel engines in Italy.

The company’s first crawler tractor, Model C35, was produced in 1959. At this time, Canadian multinational agricultural company Massey Ferguson took over Landini.[4]

The years between the late 1960s and late ‘80s marked a period of growth for the company. In 1968, a new factory was opened in Aprilia, Italy, to produce and manufacture earthmoving machines. In 1973 the Landini product line was expanded to include Models 6500, 7500, and 8500 tractors. These models incorporated a 12 + 4 gearbox. Four years later, the new Large series tractors were added to the line. In 1982 the company introduced its first line of specialized orchard tractors, followed in 1986 by a range of vineyard tractors. The year 1988 brought a sales record for Landini, as one of its plants, located in Fabbrico, Italy, sold 13,000 machines.[5]

Landini’s ownership underwent another change in 1994 as the Morra family of Italy acquired majority shares of the company through the holding company ARGO SpA. Following Morra’s takeover, Landini acquired Valpadana SpA, a producer of small farm machinery, in 1995.

In 1996 the company’s Fabbrico manufacturing plant was revamped to include a new assembly line, capable of doubling production output. The same year, a new facility was built in San Martino for mechanical machining processes, gear manufacturing, and producing prototype components. This led to the signing of an agreement between Landini and Iseki for technological cooperation and the supply of components and complete tractors.

In 1997 the company introduced the Top and Techno versions of the Legend II range of tractors. The San Martino plant also began producing the line of Globus tractors. This was the year that the company established new importers in Spain, known as Landini Iberica, and Germany, named Landini GmbH. Exports exceeded 70% of the company’s overall turnover in 1997.[6]

The following year, the Landini Terminal was opened. This facility was used to stock and ship finished products in compliance with procedures of product conformity and functional quality control. This was also the period in which the Discovery and Mistral tractor lines were created, a new corporate logo was developed, and new tractor colors were chosen.

In 1999, a new transmission named the Deltasix was created for high-power tractors. That year, Landini Southern Africa dealer branch was established.

The period between 2000 and 2001 was marked with the redesign of Landini 50 to 100 horsepower, and Legend tractor ranges. During this time, the REX Orchard, REX Vineyard, Mythos, Ghibli, Atlantis, and Trekker tractors were introduced. The year 2001 also saw the establishment of new Landini dealer branches in Canada, the U.S., and Australia.

Between 2002 and 2008, new developments and product line additions continued, with such introductions as the Rex, Powerfarm, Alpine, Mistral America, Legend TDI, Starland, Powermaster, and Powermondial tractor lines.

[edit] The Company Today

Landini continues to operate under the Tractor Division, one of two divisions owned by Gruppo Industriale ARGO (the other being the Agricultural Machine Division). The Tractor Division is managed by ARGO SpA, a financial holding company owned by the Morra family, who have been involved in the agricultural machinery and mechanics industry for four generations.[7]

The company’s website indicates that the Tractor Division is one of the “five most important players in the western world in this sector.”[8]

Landini has a dealer network that spans North, South, and Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

[edit] Equipment List

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