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Lattice Boom

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Mechanical Features and Designs

The lattice boom is a type of boom or arm on a crane. On a lattice boom crane, this type of boom is raised and lowered by a series of guy wires that are powered mechanically. The lattice boom is used in applications where large and excessively heavy items must be raised.

The lattice shape of the boom comprises a series of lightweight intermeshing high-strength alloy tubular or steel rods that provide the boom with the support to lift heavy items that would cause strain on a typical crane boom. Lattice booms normally consist of a boom butt, a boom tip, and extensions throughout, which can be added or removed for whatever length is desired.[1]

The world’s largest lattice boom machine is the Terex Demag CC8800-1 Twin, a crawler crane weighing 1,763 tons with a lifting capacity of 3,527 tons.[2]

Lattice booms are prone to rusting, damaged lacings and cords, so the lattice boom and any extensions that are not in use must be stored and transported with the utmost care.

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