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MMD Equipment started out in 1975 as a supplier of forklifts and has since become both a global distributor of construction equipment and a material handling company. [1]


[edit] History

Established originally in 1975 by Mitsui and Co. as TCM America, the company focused its distribution primarily on TCM forklifts in the eastern and midwestern United States. [2] With their popularity and reputation gaining ground in the nation, the first 15 years were highlighted with the expansion into the market of material handling equipment.

The year 1990 brought further growth to the company as TCM America merged with another unit to form Mitsui Machinery Distribution Inc. [3] As well, they began to offer finance options to their customers in the rental business.

By the late 1990s MMD had become the exclusive and leading distributor of Airman portable air compressors, but it also added compact excavators, towable generators, and other construction products to its line-up. [4]

In 2001, the company bought Nagata America Corp. and had become the exclusive supplier for Yanmar excavators in the continent by the following year. [5] Mitsui Machinery Distribution Inc. was officially named MMD Equipment at this time. [6]

[edit] The Company Today

MMD continues to expand and reach new markets, but its goal is primarily to become the leader in the marketplace with its product lines, which is currently demonstrated in its upgrades to products like the PowerPro towable generator. [7]

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