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Caterpillar 304.5 Midi Excavator
Midi excavators
can be distinguished from other types of excavators by their operating weight, which falls between 10,000 and 19,999 pounds (4,536 to 9,071 kg).[1] Smaller models are known as mini excavators, and larger ones are classified as hydraulic excavators. Like mini excavators, midis are often included in the compact excavator category.[2]

Originally developed in Europe, midi excavators are used to unearth and move material in various industries, generally in small-scale applications. They are sometimes used for highway maintenance projects.[3]

Midi excavators combine certain features of a mini excavator—such as rubber tracks, compact design, and tight tail swing (alleviating rear-swing impacts)—with the performance capabilities of a larger machine.[4]


[edit] History

As the midi excavator is a derivative of the hydraulic excavator, the two types share their developmental history.

See also: Hydraulic Excavator

[edit] Features

Midi excavators are available with a wide variety of feature options, including: a cab or canopy, air conditioning, zero tail swing, auxiliary hydraulics (used to power attachments on industrial machines), and rubber tracks. It may also include a counterweight removal device, which allows the cylinders and integral device to be removed in one piece as the counterweight reduces transport weight. The stick length on a midi excavator can vary, as can the type of boom (offset, swing away, two-piece, or variable angle).

[edit] How it Works

The midi excavator has a compact design similar to a mini excavator, and functionality similar to a hydraulic excavator.

See also: Mini Excavator

See also: Hydraulic Excavator

[edit] Common Manufacturers

[edit] Additional Photos

1979 Mitsubishi MS062 Midi Excavator
1988 Kubota KH60 Midi Excavator
1991 Kobelco SK50UR Midi Excavator
1991 Yanmar B5P Midi Excavator
1994 Sumitomo SH75U1 Midi Excavator
1995 IHI 75UJ Midi Excavator
1997 Sumitomo SH75U-2 Midi Excavator
1999 Case 50 Midi Excavator
2000 Volvo EC70 Midi Excavato
2002 Bobcat 341D Midi Excavator
Hitachi EX55UR Midi Excavator
Hitachi EX75UR Midi Excavator
JCB 8052 Midi Excavator
JCB 8060 Midi Excavator
Kobelco SK75UR-2 Midi Excavator
Komatsu PC50UU-2 Midi Excavator
Komatsu PC75UU-3 Midi Excavator
Kubota RX502 Midi Excavator
Mitsubishi MX55 Midi Excavtor
Sunward SWE60 Midi Excavator
Takeuchi TB53FR Midi Excavator

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