Equipment Specs
Blue Diamond 72in Manure Fork
A muck grab is an attachment comprising fork-like teeth on top and curved tines on the underside that work together to essentially grab, scoop, and discharge muck. Muck grab attachments are also called muck forks, manure forks, muck fork and top grabs[1]or muck fork and grabs.[2]

A muck grab is commonly attached to the front end of a telescopic forklift (or telescopic handler) that comes equipped with counterweights that give the machine the capability to lift and bear heavy loads to and from locations a conventional forklift can’t reach. The telescopic handler in combination with a muck grab attachment is particularly useful in farming or agricultural applications for removing grass, hay, manure, or a combination of the two.[3] In addition to telescopic handlers, muck grabs can be affixed to other types of equipment such as front end loaders or agricultural farm tractors.

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