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Oil is derived from fossil fuels of organisms that have died thousands, if not millions, of years ago. The fuel forms from the accumulation of organic matter rich in hydrogen and carbon. The viscous liquid, also referred to as petroleum, is a commonly used source of fuel for automobiles and vehicles in the construction, mining, forestry, agricultural, and transportation industries.

Oil generates heat and light by burning in oxygen and converting steam to power. Oil also converts into power for combustion engines. Its derivatives include fuel products such as diesel, fuel oil, and gasoline.

The exploration for oil dates back nearly 150 years when Edwin Drake successfully drilled for oil in a Pennsylvania well in 1859. Since this discovery, the oil drilling industry of drilling for oil has expanded rapidly and the use of oil has grown exponentially. Oil is in such demand that on a daily basis, the average American uses more than 3,000 products made from petroleum. This not only includes gasoline and other fuels, but aspirin, makeup, synthetic fabrics, and many other products. [1]

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