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A pulverizer mixes lime or hydraulic binders with soil to improve its quality. The drum of the pulverizer moves in the opposite direction of the machine's travel, digging into the soil to mix in the binding material. A pulverizer is also a mechanical machine very similar to a crusher used in the fine grinding of different kinds of materials such metal, glass, concrete, plastic, coal, rock, resin, tires and medical waste into tiny shards, granules or even a fine powder.


[edit] Features/How it Works/Types

[edit] Hammer Mill

A hammer mill pulverizer is used to crush glass, minerals, chemicals, cement, metals and even paper. It contains a deep bin with a large hydraulic steel plunger situated on top of the machine. The plunger drops down on the material with intense force demolishing the contents below the bin. Another variation of a hammer mill pulverizer is also used to crush cars.

[edit] Ring Mill

A ring mill pulverizer is used to reduce aluminum, minerals such as coal and other recyclables. It features a large steel rolling blade that chops and grinds items placed inside the roller. Once ground up, the material falls down into small holes located under the rolling blade.

[edit] Double Roll Crusher

A double roll crusher pulverizer is used in the reduction of rocks and minerals. A bin rests in the middle of the machine between two large rollers. The rollers are the mechanism used to grind and feed crushed material into the bin as it is pushed out of the machine.

[edit] Granulator

A granulator pulverizer is used to crush and grind materials such as wires, plastic and rubber. It works very similar to a shredder that features multiple evenly spaced blades used to finely chop and mince material. The minced material is often melted and recycled into new product.

[edit] Wood Hog

A wood hog pulverizer is a type of shredder utilizing high speed blades to grind down and wood and bark into chips. The chips are often used for mulch, biomass fuel, or further pulverized and made into paper.

[edit] Impactor

Impactors are heavy-duty pulverizers used for breaking down concrete, gypsum and asphalt. The machine features a metal drop-down arm to smash an object to the point it fractures. The crushed material is formed into cubed blocks for easy removal. Wet materials are crushed using impactors because the machines are able to deal with moisture.[1]

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