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Dinorwic Slate Quarry
A quarry is a type of shallow open-pit mine in which granite deposit is extracted. An assortment of materials can be extracted from these mines, which are typically no deeper than 60 feet (80 m). Marble, limestone, slate, and gypsum are just some of the many different types of granite that miners extract with stripping shovels, hydraulic shovels, and excavators.

The quarry pit is different from underground projects because the extraction and mining processes occur on the surface. At times, large rocks are blasted with dynamite to break them into bits, and to make it possible for the material to be loaded into trucks.

Much of what is extracted from the quarry pit is processed on-site. A series of wash, screen, and processing plants are normally located in the vicinity of the pit.

Because of the nature of quarries, miners must take precautions to guard and protect the quarry from heavy storm water, which may result in the quarry turning into a pond. Water-resistant materials such as moats can prevent this from happening. In the event that it does occur, miners use pumps to remove water from the quarry.

Some mines have been transformed into small ponds or landfills upon their completion.[1]

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