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Reaction Turbine

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Mechanical Features and Designs

A reaction turbine is a turbine that creates torque as a result of a reaction to the pressure or weight of a fluid.[1] In a reaction turbine, moving nozzles attached directly to the turbine’s rotors release the working fluid. Nozzles can be defined as a type of dynamic fluid device that contain a throat by which the pressure of fluid drops and potential energy is converted to kinetic energy by the constant acceleration of the fluid.[2]
The speed at which the fluid leaves these nozzles generates a kind of reactive force that causes the rotor to spin in the opposite direction of the fluid.[3] Since the pressure of the water is so powerful, most reaction turbines are also built with a pressure casement that assists in containing the fluid as it acts on the turbines.[4] A propeller on the back of a boat is just one example of a reaction type turbine.

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