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Rice Hulling Machine

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A rice hulling machine is used in rice processing to remove the hull or shell covering from a rice kernel. Brown rice is rice that has been hulled.

[edit] Features/How it Works

Rice is passed through a series of sieves used to sift out debris. An air blower is then used to remove any top matter. The machine is designed to mimic the action of hand-held stones. The rice is loosened from the hull by rolling it in between two sheets of metal-coated abrasives. About 80 to 90 percent of the hull gets removed during this process.[1] The hulls and grains of rice are then passed by conveyor to a stone reel that aspirates the waste hulls and moves the rice to a machine that separates the hulled from the unhulled grains. Shaking the kernels pushes the heavier unhulled grains to one side and the lighter-weight rice to the other side of the machine. Unhulled grains are then siphoned to another set of shelling machines to complete the hulling process.

[edit] References

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