Equipment Specs
Cat D9N with Ripper
A ripper is an attachment used for tearing and ripping apart earth—particularly hard or frozen ground and other hard to dig materials.[1]

A ripper augments the function of a bucket and is comprised of a pair of connected claw-like devices that are attached with pins to the inside of the machine’s bucket. In a backhoe bucket, for example, the rippers are attached to the inside of the bucket. In a front end loader, usually three connected rippers are attached to the inside of the bucket. The rippers are designed to protrude over the edge of the bucket to reach, rip and scar the ground before falling into the bucket for dispensing. The edge of the bucket is then used for any finishing work.[2] Some manufacturers such as Bobcat also produce ripper attachments that can be used in isolation, without a bucket. The ripper is then removed and the bucket put back on for finishing work.[3] Rippers can also be used other types of earthmoving equipment such as tractors, excavators, and skid steer loaders.

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[edit] References

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