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Mechanical Features and Designs

The mining industry will be introducing robotics as a safety feature to be implemented on the world’s largest truck. The Caterpillar 797, a 700-ton giant used in high capacity mining, will be upgraded with high tech software and driven by a robot. This technology, developed as part of the DARPA Urban Challenge, a prize competition for driverless cars, is sponsored by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency.

The Cat 797 can haul loads up to 240 tons from mines and is powered by a 3,550 horsepower, 24-valve engine moving at up to approximately 42 miles per hour (68 km/h) and now it will be controlled by high tech software and will have a robot at the wheel. Thus, this will reduce the risk of injuries to people on the job and it will also increase efficiency.

Engineers from Caterpillar and computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have teamed up for the challenge and are working to automate the 700-ton giants. Autonomous vehicle technology is only starting out but be ready to see more of it in the near future, as soon as five to 10 years, and it will soon expand to consumer cars and trucks.

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