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A rotor is used to describe a mechanical component, device, or apparatus that has a rotating motion in a piece of equipment or machinery such as an electric motor, pump, alternator, brake, or generator.

In quarrying, a rotor refers to the rotating part of an AC machine.[1]

A rotor also refers to the rotating blades of a helicopter.[2]

A rotor is also a round rotating component of a disc brake assembly, upon which brake pads bear.[3]

A corkscrew propeller device at the base of a shaft inside a pump tube that develops low pressure and high flow of liquid is called a rotor.[4]

The rotating component in a generator containing electromagnets is a rotor. When the rotor is turned, it produces electricity.[5]

In a turbine, a rotor is a spinning device that includes a hub and blades.[6]

In a crusher, a rotor describes a rotating assembly of a shaft, discs, and hammers that deliver the crushing force to material.[7]

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