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SCR Dairy, a supplier of technological equipment for the dairy farming industry, was founded in 1976 with the intention of bringing the dairy farm into the present day. Presenting its first breakthrough device in 1980 – the FreeFlow milk measuring device that, notably, featured no moving parts – the company has gone from strength to strength ever since, and there are now more than 300,000 milk measuring meters of this and more advanced types in use on dairy farms across the world. Associated with innovation and the development of new technology, SCR Dairy remains one of the leading suppliers in the dairy farms technology industry.

[edit] History

With the development of heat tag technology in the 1990’s SCR Dairy gave farmers the ability to monitor individual cows within a herd and gather the information needed to improve herd management and increase productivity, and again took the market lead with this truly innovative development. The company was by now also leading the market in computer software for herd management and analysis, and would take things to another level with its continued development of even more efficient milk measuring systems. With a continued desire for improvement, SCR Dairy entered the 21st century firmly leading the way.

In 2008, the company presented the revolutionary HR Tag, a device that that detects and records rumination. This information can be used to keep close watch on the health of individual cows and as such is an important warning system in many cases. With advanced analysis software working alongside the data collection devices there is plenty of scope for advanced monitoring and reporting, and the system has been successfully used to detect the onset of disease and to allow treatment in good time across many dairy farms throughout the world.

SCR Dairy continues to lead the way in advanced dairy herd monitoring and management, milk measurement and analysis, and now has established subsidiaries in the USA and Europe. As the leading name in dairy herd management the company is responsible for bringing the world of dairy farming into the 21st century, and for ensuring that increased efficiency and more streamlined management techniques are in place to help farmers get the best out of their herd in terms of both yield and efficiency.

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