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Semisubmersible Rig

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Semisubmersible Rig
A semisubmersible rig is the most common type off offshore drilling rig used today by the petroleum industry to dig oil and gas wells. It has the basic same features of a submersible rig but with the added advantage of being able to drill in very deep water. The rig features a platform made of two large hulls positioned on top of the other. The upper hull serves as the living headquarters for the drilling crew while the lower hull is filled with air to make the entire rig bouyant, similar to a submerisble rig with that exception that when the air is removed from the lower hull, it doesn't get submerged down to the ocean floor like a submersible rig, but remains partially submerged so it floats above the actual drill site. The lower hull is then filled with water and this works to keep the rig in place and provide critical stability. Anchors weighing about 10 tons each provide additional mooring support.[1]

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