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Sennebogen, founded in 1952, is a German manufacturer of cranes, material handlers, and hydraulic excavators.[1]


[edit] History

Sennebogen was founded in 1952 by 21-year-old Erich Sennebogen. The company's original line of work was manufacturing manure loaders for farmers. Sennebogen didn't sell excavators until 1957, when they began to produce rope excavators. Five years later, in 1962, Sonnebogen sold their first hydraulic excavator.[2]

[edit] World's Firsts

In 1969, Sennebogen developed the world's first fully hydraulic rope excavator. Over a decade later, in 1980, Sennebogen invented the world's first hydraulically adjustable articulated boom. This design has since been adopted as the standard for most of the world's hydraulic excavators. In 2003, Sennebogen completed their third world's first, unveiling a material handler with an elevating driver's cab.[3]

[edit] Sennebogen Products under Other Brands

Several times in the past Sennebogen has marketed their products under other brand names. During the 1980's, 8,000 Sennebogen excavators were sold in Europe under the Zeppelin brand name. In 1985, Sennebogen excavators were exported out of Germany using the Hanomag name. Hanomag was acquired by Komatsu in 1990, which ended the relationship. Then in 1991, Sennebogen reached an agreement with Caterpillar to merge both of their wheel excavator divisions into one common company, dubbed the European Design Center. This arrangement lasted until 2005, over which time 15,000 Sennebogen excavators were sold under Cat's brand. [4]

[edit] The Company Today

Sennebogen is led by the founder's son, Erich Sennebogen Jr. The company now has a global presence, with sales sites on every continent and corporate headquarters in Germany, Hungary, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.[5] Sennebogen employs over 1,000 workers and achieved revenues of approximately $360 million in 2008.[6]

[edit] Equipment List

[edit] Unique Facts

  • In 2008, Sennebogen completed production on a 270 tonne material handler, the 880 EQ, which is the largest ever made.[7]

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