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Snow Blower
A snow blower is a piece of equipment used for snow removal as an alternative to shoveling. Snow blowers make the process of snow removal faster and easier.


[edit] History

The first snow blower was invented in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by Arthur Sicard in 1925. The Sicard Snow Remover Snowblower consisted of a four-wheel drive truck, with a snow scooping section, an impeller powered by a separate motor, and two chutes.[1] Today’s snow blowers operate on the same principles exhibited by Sicard’s machine.[2]

[edit] Features/How it Works

All snow blowers are composed of a frame, a motor, a chute, and an impeller. The impeller is the first thing snow comes in contact with. The impeller spins via a belt connected to the motor. As it spins, it simultaneously draws in new snow as it expels existing snow out the chute. Chutes can be adjusted so snow is discharged at an angle convenient to the operator. Most snow blowers are of the walk-behind variety, although larger models may include a seat for the operator.[3]

[edit] Types

There are two basic types of snow blower; the one stage and two stage blower. A one stage blower is the most basic design, composed of a frame, motor, impeller, and chute. A two stage design is slightly more complicated as it features metal augers at the front, which break-up any chunks of snow before it hits the impeller.[4]

[edit] Common Manufacturers

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