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A tension leg platform (TLP), also called a extended leg platform (ETLP), is a vertically moored floating structure with a platform used in the offshore drilling and production of oil and gas. TLP's are similar to fixed stationary platforms used in offshore drilling except that the platform is fixed to a location through the use of a mooring system being held in tension by the bouyancy of the hull. The mooring system consists of tensioned legs or tendons attached to the platform and connected to a drilling template or foundation on the ocean floor. The template is usually secured with piles driven into the subsea floor. This set-up reduces the vertical movement of the platform but allows for horizontal movement. The hull on the TLP is a bouyant structure that supports the deck section and houses the oil drilling and production equipment. It is designed similar to a semisubmersible rig with four air-filled columns supported by pontoons.[1]

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