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Terex RH 400 Front Shovel

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Terex Front Shovels
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The Terex RH 400 front shovel has two Cummins QSK 60-C two-stage, turbocharged, aftercooled and intercooled, 16-cylinder engines producing 4,500 net horsepower (HP). It comes standard with a TriPower shovel attachment, independent oil cooling system, five-circuit-hydraulic system, electronic-hydraulic servo control, torque control in the closed-loop swing circuit, automatic central lubrication system, Xenon working lights, Board Control System (BCS), spacious cab, and a hydraulically-driven radiator fan with electronically controlled speed.

The RH 400 has a track gauge of 260 inches (660 cm) with 78.7-in (200-cm) shoes.