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Terex TS14G Motor Scraper

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Terex Motor Scrapers
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The Terex TS14G motor scraper has two Cummins QSB 5.9L turbocharged engines powering both the tractor and scraper. The tractor engine produces 176 net horsepower (HP); the scraper engine produces 158 net HP. It has a Funk DF158 powershift, counter-shaft type transmission with integral torque converter. It comes standard with a power-down apron, cushioned bowl suspension, full hydraulic steering, and a ROPS/FOPS cab.

The TS14G has a full flow hydraulic system with one reservoir supplying a triple section gear pump for both steering and scraping. The scraper receives fluid at a rate of 71.2 gallons (270 L) per minute at a system pressure of 1,500 pounds per square inch (10,342 kPa) and the servo controls pump delivers 11.3 gal (43 L) per minute at a system pressure of 250 PSI (1,724 kPa).