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TerraTec Industries ( is a Colorado-based manufacturer of construction equipment attachments. The company was founded in November 2009.


[edit] History

In 2004 Myron Mullett, TerraTec Industries’ CEO, was working on a government contract job that required his excavating company to lay 90 miles (145 km) of gravel. “In order to meet the tolerance they gave me,” he recalls, “I would have to drive three rows of stakes every 40 feet for all of that distance. I thought ‘there must be a better way’.”

So Mr. Mullett began to explore the possibility of designing a blade that would maintain gravel precisely without the need for stakes. “I asked people in the industry what they thought of the idea and they kept bringing up why it wouldn’t work,” he says. “So I tried an inexpensive prototype. And it worked way better than we ever thought it would.”

TerraTec Industries developed the AggreScreed, a bulldozer attachment designed to rapidly lay gravel (for roads, runways, parking lots, etc.) without the use of stakes in a single pass to minimize gravel segregation and breakage. Attachable to almost all straight-blade bulldozers (125-250 horsepower recommended) the 16-foot (4.9 m) AggreScreed blade adjusts to 24 feet (7.3 m) in two foot (0.6 m) increments. It’s capable of laying gravel at depths from zero to 15 inches (0 - 38 cm) and can create up to a 3.5 percent crown. The AggreScreed is also designed to reduce gravel lay down labor by up to 60% with precise material control. It can put down up to 18,000 tons of aggregate in a single day with a two-man crew.

[edit] How it Works

Trucks dump their loads in windrows in front of the AggreScreed. As it pushes forward, the plows on it’s sides are designed to keep the materials in place and it’s adjustable skids set a precise material depth by screeding the excess gravel forward.

[edit] The Company Today

TerraTec Industries continues to market to road builders, airport builders and excavating companies throughout the United States. Opportunities in Saudia Arabia, South America, Central America and Africa are also beginning to surface recently.

[edit] Equipment List

  • AS1624 AggreScreed – Adjustable from 16’ to 24’
  • AS1016 AggreScreed – Adjustable from 10’ to 16’