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Mechanical Features and Designs

An undercarriage is the framework of a machine that supports the weight and parts of the vehicle. Common today on all types of equipment, including crawlers, tractors, excavators, and cranes, the first undercarriage was introduced more than a century ago by Caterpillar.[1]

Traditionally, equipment modifications throughout the history of their development were made possible with a simple mounting on the undercarriage.

Most equipment manufacturers, such as IH and Caterpillar, supply not only an undercarriage on their machines, but also maintenance and repair services. There are, however, steps that owners can take to ensure the highest quality. Keeping the undercarriage in top condition includes taking measures such as using a narrow shoe; avoiding operation in high speeds when it is not required; adjusting the track so that the working conditions match the operation; and keeping the undercarriage devoid of mud and other debilitating debris.[2]

It is important to ensure that the undercarriage is kept sufficiently clean as dirt clogs the meshing components of the undercarriage, causing quick deterioration. Operating the machine in speeds and modes appropriate to the application ensures that the wear and tear of the undercarriage will hold off as long as possible.

Conventional Drive Undercarriage
Conventional Drive Undercarriage

(a) Drive Sprocket
(b) Carrier Rollers
(c) Track Rollers
(d) Idler
(e) Track
(f) Track Guard

High Drive Undercarriage
High Drive Undercarriage

(a) Drive Sprocket
(b) Track Rollers
(c) Idlers (front/rear)
(d) Track
(e) Track Guard

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