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UpRight Powered Access is a leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms (AWP) with a product line that includes self-propelled scissorlifts, mast lifts, boom lifts, portable personal lifts, and truck- and trailer-mounted lifts.

It is currently owned by The Tanfield Group, a U.K.-based company that manufactures AWPs and zero-emission electric vehicles. Tanfield also owns Snorkel, UpRight’s sister company, which serves markets in Australia, New Zealand, and North and South America.


[edit] History

UpRight was founded by an American mechanic named Wallace “Wally” Johnson in 1946.[1]

Johnson was setting up to paint his house in California, but could not find scaffolding that could balance on the uneven ground surrounding his house. So, he constructed his own aluminum scaffold tower with adjustable legs.[2]

He immediately recognized the commercial potential for his new invention and founded UpRight Scaffolds.[3]

Demand soon outgrew the capacity of his small Berkeley workshop and he moved to a larger facility in Selma, CA.[4]

By the end of the 1950s UpRight’s "instant" alloy towers had become a market leader in the USA. The company began seeking new shores to conquer. The first orders were shipped to Europe in 1958.[5]

Still, Johnson did not sit on the success of his adjustable scaffold—he also invented the first mobile AWP.[6]

In 1972 UpRight opened a new factory in Selma to produce a new product, the Flying Carpet scissorlift, which soon outsold scaffolding to become the company’s main source of revenue.[7]

Wallace Johnson died in 1980. UpRight was sold thereafter.[8]

Under new ownership, the UpRight product range expanded to include a new series of scissorlifts, a sigma arm lift, and a Speed Level version of the sigma arm lift that could self-level on rough terrain.[9]

During the 1990s UpRight’s range of powered AWPs quadrupled. It produced its first trailer-mounted boom lift, the TL33, in 1995. Its first self-propelled boom lift, the SP37, and a couple of micro-scissorlifts, the MX15 and MX19, were introduced a year later.[10]

UpRight was sold to the U.K.-based Tanfield Group in 2006.[11]

[edit] The Company Today

UpRight has a global network of more than 150 distributors and partners.[12]

It operates a 250,000-square foot (23,225-m2) manufacturing facility called Vigo Centre in Washington, Tyne and Wear, England. It has three 295-foot (90-m) assembly lines and a dedicated spare parts warehouse. UpRight also operates a facility in Fresno, CA to serve markets in the USA, Canada, and South America.[13]

UpRight’s chief executive is Darren Kell.

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