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Hey Ameliora,

The new Toyota Lift Truck page looks great. We should ask user "Lifttruck" for all their specs to put up on Ritchie Specs. (And photos!)


Hi Ameliora,

thank you very much for your quick answer :-) I'm very very pleased to have permission to use your images. Specifically I'd like to use Your image "Cat D8R with SU Blade and Ripper.jpg". Do you even have a higher resolution than this? If you want, you can upload your works at Wiki-Commons by yourself and create a link to this wiki as source and even a link to your userpage here. The advantage would be, that you could always decide, whether and wich of your works do you want to post there too and furthermor you could create a link between your both accounts. So Richie Wiki and also your "name" probably could get even more public. That is just a thought. Would that be in your senses? Thank you, D8