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Volvo EW160C Mobile Excavator

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The Volvo EW160C mobile excavator has a Volvo D6E EDE3 turbocharged, six-cylinder, Tier-III/Stage-IIIA certified engine producing 142 net horsepower (HP). It has a powershift transmission and a precision, high-pressure fuel injection system. It comes standard with a spacious Volvo Care Cab, pivoting steering column, stabilizer blade, heavy-gauge outriggers, extra-duty boom/arm, servo-hydraulically maneuvered self-adjusting wet multi-disc brakes, remote control, and auxiliary hydraulics to power a wide range of attachments. The EW160C is capable of working with three different quickcouplers: S-1, S-6, or universal. It is available with an optional two-piece boom and Volvo CareTrack GPS system.

The EW160C has a closed-center load-sensing hydraulic system with a high-flow electronically controlled pump delivering fluid at a rate of 64.2 gallons (243 L) per minute at a system pressure of 5,221 pounds per square inch (35997.5 kPa). The flow rate and pressure can be adjusted from inside the cab.

It has an operating weight of 38,977.7 lbs (17,680 kg).