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Werk-Brau is a manufacturer of products for the heavy equipment industry, including attachments for excavators, loader backhoes, skid steer loaders, as well as wheel and crawler loaders.

[edit] History

Excavator Bucket By Werk-Brau
Since 1947, Werk-Brau has manufactured products for the heavy equipment industry. Duke Werkheiser and Dutch Brautigan, for whom the company is named after, first opened their blacksmith shop in Findlay, OH. Today, Werk-Brau continues to manufacture and produce equipment in Findlay.

Over the decades Werk-Brau has grown and become so much more than a simple blacksmith operation. Today Werk-Brau proudly employs a team of professionals who work hard to follow the vision set by the founders of Werk-Brau: to “Provide Excellence in Customer Service”.

Werk-Brau manufactures a complete line of O.E.M. and replacement attachments for excavators, mini excavators, backhoes, skid steers, mini and full size loaders and crawler loaders. All over the world Werk-Brau attachments can be found hard at work in the toughest of conditions.

Though over 65 years old, and having passed through three generations, the original vision of Werk-Brau is still a reality today: “provide our customers with the utmost service, quality, and always maintain the quality that bares the Werk-Brau name.” Each and every product that Werk-Brau produces today is backed by warranty.

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