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Wil-Rich is a North Dakota-based agricultural manufacturer specializing in tilling equipment. Wil-Rich was founded in 1964 in Wahpeton, ND. In the early years, product design was primarily carried out by farmers, with only minor tweaking from engineers. This garnered Wil-Rich a reputation for understanding the grass roots needs of the people who use its equipment. [1]


[edit] History

Wil-Rich launched in 1964, specializing in spring tillage equipment. As the company matured, it added a full line of tillage equipment. Originally a North Dakotan company, Wil-Rich was purchased by California-based company Lead Siegler in 1981. Six years later Wil-Rich was resold; this time to Dallas, Texas-based ITC United Corp. [2]

In 2001 Wil Rich returned to its Dakotan roots when it was purchased by a group of local entrepreneurs:

  • Mike Bullinger: president of Western Products, the first steel siding manufacturer in America[3]
  • Howard and Brian Dahl: son and grandson E.G. Melroe, whose company Melroe Manufacturing invented the Bobcat Loader[4]
  • Victor Klosterman: the current general manager of Wil-Rich, with more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural industry [5]

[edit] The Company Today

Wil-Rich’s main production facility is located in Wahpeton, ND. The building measures 340,000 square feet (31,587 m2) and houses 130 employees. In 2006 Wil-Rich acquired Wishek Manufacturing. Wishek, named after the town in North Dakota where the company was founded, was also in the business of manufacturing tilling equipment. In 2007 Wil-Rich opened a 12,000-square foot (1,115-m2) factory in Wishek that employs 45+ people. [6][7][8]

Wil-Rich has a sister company named Amity Technology. Also located in North Dakota, Amity was founded by Wil-Rich part-owners Howard and Brian Dahl in 1996. Amity specializes in producing equipment for sugar beet harvesting. It also manufactures individual components for Wil-Rich equipment.[9]

Wil-Rich is a client of the international marketing company TriCorp USA. TriCorp distributes Wil-Rich cultivators to South and Central America, Africa and selected European and Middle East countries. [10][11]

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