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From the Tower of Babel in biblical times to present day, towers are soaring to unprecedented new heights and have come a long way in terms of function and design. Many towers today are symbolic superstructures of the cities in which they are situated and stand as popular tourist destinations. More recently, towers are becoming critical structures in the field of telecommunications.[1] All over the world, these towering structures are being built to address critical telecommunications needs and city skylines continue to expand with higher skyscrapers.


[edit] Definition of a Tower

How is a tower defined? A tower can be defined as a “structure that is relatively high for its length and width, either standing alone or forming part of another building”[2] or a “structure taller than its diameter; can stand alone or be attached to a larger building.”[3]

The World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT), created in 1989, is an association representing these colossal superstructures. The goal of the association is three-fold:

  • to exchange ideas and information to improve both management and international promotion.
  • to share technical information.
  • to assist in the international promotion of events by which towers are used as the focus, and enjoyment and the interchange of culture is carried out.[4]

To become a member of the World Federation of Great Towers, a tower must be meet the following criteria:

  • they must have the shape of a tower.
  • they must actually be symbolic of tourism in a town or country in which they are located.
  • they must have a designated observation deck for receiving tourists.
  • the construction of the tower must be completed and officially open as a public observation venue.[5]

[edit] WFGT Members

There are currently 28 members of the association. They are listed here from tallest to shortest.

1. CN Tower (Toronto, Canada)
Opened: 1976
Total Height: 1,815 feet (553 m)

2. Ostankino Tower (Moscow, Russia)
Opened: 1967
Total Height: 1,771 feet (540 m)

3. Oriental Pearl Tower (Shanghai, China)
Opened: 1995
Total Height: 1,535 feet (468 m)

4. John Hancock Center(Chicago, USA)
Opened: 1970
Total Height: 444 m/ 1,455 feet

5. Empire State Building(New York, USA)
Opened: 1931
Total Height: 1,454 feet (443 m)

6. KL Tower (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Opened: 1996
Total Height: 1,403 feet (421 m)

7. Central Radio TV Tower (Beijing, China)
Opened: 1992
Total Height: 1329 feet (405 m)

8. Tashkent Tower (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
Opened: 1985
Total Height: 1,230 feet (375 m)

9. Fernsehturm (Berlin, Germany)
Opened: 1969
Total Height: 1,197 feet (368 m)

10. TV Radio Tower (Tianjin, China)
Opened: 1991
Total Height: 1,197 feet (368 m)

11. Macau Tower (Macau SAR, China)
Opened: 2001
Total Height: 1,109 feet (338 m)

12. Tokyo Tower (Tokyo, Japan)
Opened: 1958
Total Height: 1093 feet (333 m)

13. Sky Tower(Auckland, New Zealand)
Opened: 1997
Total Height: 1,076 feet (328 m)

14. Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
Opened: 1889
Total Height: 1,063 feet (324 m)

15. Q1 Tower (Gold Coast, Australia)
Opened: 2002
Total Height: 1,058 feet (322.5 m)

16. Sydney Tower (Sydney, Australia)
Opened: 1981
Total Height: 1,000 feet (304 m)

17. Collserola Tower (Barcelona, Spain)
Opened: 1992
Total Height: 945 feet (288 m)

18. Rialto Towers (Melbourne, Australia)
Opened: 1985
Total Height: 886 feet (270 m)

19. Donauturm (Vienna, Austria)
Opened: 1964
Total Height: 827 feet (252 m)

20. Seoul Tower(Seoul, South Korea)
Opened: 1975
Total Height: 785 feet (238 m)

21. Praha Television Tower (Prague, Czech Republic)
Opened: 1992
Total Height: 709 feet (216 m)

22. Calgary Tower (Calgary, Canada)
Opened: 1968
Total Height: 627 feet (191 m)

24. Euromast (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Opened: 1960
Total Height: 607 feet (185 m)

25. Torre Latinoamericana (Mexico City, Mexico)
Opened: 1956
Total Height: 592 feet (181 m)

26. Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada)
Opened: 1976
Total Height: 175 m/ 575 feet

27. Blackpool Tower (Blackpool, London)
Opened: 1894
Total Height: 519 feet (158 m)

28. UFO (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
Opened: 2005
Total Height: 311 feet (95 m)

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