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Yanmar Co. Ltd. focuses its business on the manufacture of diesel engines. It also produces energy systems, generators, marine propulsion engines, and refrigerator transportation containers. Its expertise in the diesel engine market have enabled the company to expand into the manufacturing of agricultural equipment such as tractors, compact utility tractors, combines, rice transplanters, and rice hulling machines. It also manufacturers carriers and is a well established contender in Japan’s compact excavator market.


[edit] History

Yanmar was founded in 1912 by Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho. In 1921 the company officially adopted the Yanmar brand name. The company started off developing the first small-sized commercially viable diesel engines in 1933. By 1947 the company’s diesel engines were being used in fishing boats.

In 1961 Yanmar branched off into the manufacture of agricultural equipment when it established the Yanmar Agricultural Co. Ltd., launching its first tractor, the YM13A.[1] This was followed in 1966 with the introduction of a line of compact construction equipment that included compact excavators with zero tail swing. In 1982 the company also began producing gas turbines. Through the years Yanmar also continued to capitalize on its expertise in the diesel engine market. By 1983 it had developed the world’s smallest air-cooled diesel engine, followed in 1987 by the world’s first diesel outboard engine. By 1992 the company had produced more than 10 million diesel engines.[2]

Yanmar also positioned itself as a manufacturer of environmental equipment when it developed a raw garbage processing machine and a water purification machine in 1990. In 2004 the company officially established Yanmar Construction Equipment Co. Ltd. and in 2005, a new brand symbol and corporate mission statement were introduced to symbolize the company’s commitment to the Earth.[3]

[edit] The Company Today

As a global company Yanmar employs over 15,365 people split among its worldwide subsidiaries and sales offices. The company’s current CEO is Takehito Yamaoka. As of March 2007 Yanmar reported consolidated net sales of ¥553.9 billion and an ordinary profit of ¥27.9 billion.[4]

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