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About the Wiki Project

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RitchieWiki is a wiki website launched in 2008 and sponsored by Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers to commemorate the company's 50th anniversary. RitchieWiki is a collaborative website that uses wiki technology for the sharing of information about heavy equipment. The free public website features more than 2,000 reference quality articles about equipment in the construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, and transportation industries. Anyone can read, add to or edit the information on RitchieWiki. The site is supplemented by a free specifications tool with equipment specifications information for more than 11,000 machines.


What is a Wiki?

So what exactly is a wiki? In simple terms, a wiki is a website that permits visitors to log on to a site and add new material or modify and even delete existing material. In short, imagine a spider web of content in the form of articles all interconnected together by hyperlinks and you have the basic infrastructure of a wiki.

The Origins of RitchieWiki

Clay Tippett and Ken Duncan—both long-time employees at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers—were walking around at a trade show in Dubai in late 2007 and found themselves arguing over whether a CNH loader backhoe they were standing in front of had a Ford design heritage or was largely Case DNA. They realized that there was a lot of knowledge in the equipment industry in heads covered with grey hair (sometimes no hair) and that the industry really needed a good repository for all that information. “We hope that this wiki project will engage others like us—and younger folks too – to participate,” said Clay Tippett, Vice President of Internet Business for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers.

What Will You Find?

The material on a wiki also differs greatly from paper-based referenced material. A wiki covers and expands upon existing knowledge widely available already in the public domain. Therefore, a wiki encourages democratic, non-technical use of the Web—material may as easily be written by a credible expert or by an individual expressing a great passion for a certain subject. RitchieWiki is exclusive in that it features information pertaining to everything about equipment, from equipment manufacturers both past and present like Caterpillar and John Deere, to the history of equipment, to how equipment has and is being used in the excavation of major construction projects all over the world, including the creation of the historic Panama Canal or the current building of the world’s tallest high-rise, the Burj Khalifa.


Another unique aspect of RitchieWiki is RitchieSpecs. RitchieSpecs is a specifications tool with specifications for more than 11,300 different machines, and it is still growing. Not only can you find out the length and width of a machine, perhaps for transporting purposes, but you can also find out other information such as the depth an excavator can dig, or the bucket capacity of a wheel loader. There is also a comparison feature on the specifications tool that allows you to evaluate up to four different models of equipment at a time.

Our Goal

With RitchieWiki, it is our goal to enlist the participation of everyone in order to build a strong community of contributors. We want equipment experts, our customers and those from the general public with a passion for everything about equipment to get involved and build upon the success of what we have started.

Get Started

If you require further information or want answers to frequently asked questions about RitchieWiki check out our FAQ page.

Ready to start writing but need some help getting started? Make sure to review the RitchieWiki StyleGuide and Article Guidelines for some helpful tips and suggestions.

To stay up to date with the newest articles and changes on RitchieWiki, try out the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed on the left hand side, under the title "Toolbox". It will show you at a glance what is new in RitchieWiki.