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Frequently Asked Questions

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Administration - Protected


Who can contribute to RitchieWiki?

Anyone can add to RitichieWiki as long as the information is factual, reliable, does not infringe on copyright or constitute promotional, libelous, vandalistic, invalid, or opinionated material. For more information on policies and guidelines, please see the RitchieWiki StyleGuide or RitchieWiki:Copyrights.

How do I search RitchieWiki?

Searching RitchieWiki is as simple as typing a topic into the search bar on the top left corner of the page and pressing "Search." However, it is important to note that the search engine is case sensitive. If you are unable to find an article, ensure that it is spelled correctly and try typing in the word as lower case and singular. The search should also bring up a series of words similar to the words typed in the search box. This may help you find your article. You may also want to try different words that might also represent the topic. If no article has been written on the topic, please feel free to be the first to write about it.

How do I create a new article?

Type in the name of the article you would like to create. If it does not already exist, you will see a “you can create this page" link, which you can click to create a new article. Please ensure that all words are spelled correctly and the topic’s title is one that will best represent the content posted.

How do I edit an existing article?

There are three ways to edit an article. The first is to click on the "edit" tab on the top center of the article. This will allow you to edit the article in its entirety. The second way is to click on the "edit" button located to the right of each article subheading (highlighted in gray). This will allow you to edit portions of the article. When employing one of these two methods, you will see a tool bar that will allow editing options such as bolding, italicizing, underlining, etc. The toolbar is very similar to that of Microsoft Word. Please see RitchieWiki StyleGuide and Article Guidelines for further information on editing policies, style, and article format. When you have completed editing, you may save the changes with the "save" button on the bottom center of the text box. To link words, you can place them inside of a series of double squared brackets [[ ]] after clicking the ‘Wikitext’ box. If you need further help please contact the RitchieWiki Team by email:

How do I add references?

To add references, click on the edit button on the top center tab of the article or on the highlighted subheading section that is indicated in gray and a toolbar will appear. Place the cursor in the text location in which you wish to place your footnote. Footnotes can be created by clicking on the <R>. This will prompt a box where the referenced information should be entered. When this is complete, click "OK" to proceed and save the changes with the "save" button at the bottom center of the text.

Why do I need to add references?

References enable the reader to validate the content of the article as factual. Without referencing, content cannot and should not be assumed correct and true.

How do I create a username?

To create an account click on the "login/create an account" link on the top right of the homepage. This will prompt you to create a password and username.

Why was my article deleted/edited?

Articles and content may be edited or deleted at any time by any user, including monitors and editors if it does not follow the RitchieWiki policy of being factual. Any material that is libelous, vandalistic, invalid, incorrect, opinionated, or promotional will be removed to maintain the integrity of the article. Articles that contain content that is valid but may need cleaning up or editing will be edited.

What guidelines should I follow when writing an article?

RitchieWiki generally follows AP Style but further tips on editing, grammar, and style can be found on the RitchieWiki StyleGuide. A guide for writing articles can be found in the Article Guideline section. For more information on AP style, click here.

How do I find a list of categories and article topics?

On the left-hand side, there is a series of quick links. One of these is Categories. All articles within RitchieWiki have been organized into specific categories to make them easier to find. Some categories have also been broken down into sub-categories.

How do I contact the RitchieWiki team?

To contact the RitchieWiki team email:

How do I find the RitchieWiki Spec Engine?

To find the Spec Engine go to:

What is the Ritchie Bros. website URL?

The Ritchie Bros. website URL is

Why was RitchieWiki created?

RitchieWiki was created to be a repository of construction and equipment information and a forum where anyone can get or contribute that information. The launch of RitchieWiki also coincides with the 50th anniversary of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, and underscores the importance of preserving knowledge about equipment, processes, and construction history. RitchieWiki promises to be a significant resource for for everyone from students to people who have been in the construction industry for decades.

How can I check recent changes on an article?

Find the article by typing the name in the search box. At the top of the article box is a series of tabs. Click on the "history" tab and it will show the most recent changes made in an article.

How do I report vandalism or incorrect information?

Any instances of vandalism can and should be reported to the RitchieWiki team. You can contact them by email: .

How do you know if the information is correct?

RitchieWiki believes that every contributor has something valid and interesting to add to the equipment library. All contributors should attempt to the best of their ability to provide information that is factual and valid. Whenever possible, articles and statements will be referenced, but as the website is constantly changing, the RitchieWiki tool cannot always guarantee that all information not referenced is factual and valid.

How do you prevent people from vandalizing or bombarding articles with incorrect information?

The RitchieWiki team works around the clock to monitor new articles and edit existing ones to ensure they are suitable in content and style.

Which software does RitchieWiki run on?

RitchieWiki utilizes the MediaWiki software.

How do I link words?

Words, more specifically, people, companies, processes, definitions, equipment and projects can be linked by placing the subject in a set of double square brackets indicated by [[ ]]. This is done after the article has been located and the "Wikitext" function (located at the top of the page when you are using the "edit" function) has been selected. Please only link words that are relevant to the construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, and transportation industries.

How do I upload pictures?

Selecting the upload file in the toolbox section on the left side of the article enables you to upload pictures. Once a photo file is uploaded, type the name of the article in the search engine, select the "edit" button and select the "insert/edit photo" option that is located on the Wikitext toolbar. A box will appear which will prompt the name of the file that has been uploaded. Once the file has been chosen, you can amend the size of the photo and choose to align it to the left or right. Please refrain from uploading pictures that violate copyright laws and also site the source of the picture.

What is the difference between and other wikis?

A wiki is a website that allows visitors to write and edit its pages. Wiki sites are designed to give communities the ability to freely collect, collaborate and distribute information. utilizes wiki technology, but is unique in that it specifically focuses on the construction industry.

How do I make changes to a wiki?

Making changes is as simple as clicking an "edit" button, adding or changing text, and then clicking “save.” Contributions and changes appear instantly and any page can be added or changed at any time.

What is is a large online database that allows visitors to find both current and historical equipment specifications information. The database is designed to allow the user the ability to search a variety of specifications by different criteria including: industry, manufacturer, and model.

Like, is free of charge.

How much information is contained in and

Since wiki technology allows for pages to be added or changed by anyone who visits the site, the information on is continually increasing. There are currently more than 2,000 articles and 2,600 pictures on RitchieWiki.

To date, has more than 11,300 equipment specifications. However, the goal of is to eventually contain every equipment specification in the world.

Are the services provided by and available anywhere else?

The short answer is no. provides a unique service that looks to eventually compile the sum of knowledge of the equipment industry. is also uniquely similar in that it looks to compile every equipment specification in the entire world—all available free of charge.

Why should I create a username?

You are not required to create a username in order to contribute, but it does help you become a member of the RitchieWiki community. As a user, you can make comments on articles and communicate with other users. It also gives you the option to put a "watch" on selected articles and you will receive email updates when an article has been changed. Please note that as a user, you are protected under our privacy policy, which does not allow users to be spammed.

What if I want to create/edit/discuss an article on one of the languages site?

In order to make changes on one of the languages sites, French or Spanish, you must create a new user account. All language sites are operated under a different server and require a separate user name.